Welding Weekend: Trailer Update

Richard and his welding kit came down to visit us this weekend. We (mostly “he”) got a ton done on the trailer:

  • Replaced the old coupler, adding on a jack and welded tow chains.
  • Replaced the old axle, including welding on new hangers for modern shorter springs. The original springs were 26 inches long!
  • Beefed up the floor framing. A prior owner had added a wooden central rail, which we replaced with 2×2 steel. Additional 2×2 was added at the rear of the frame, and a 4″ flat piece went on to cap the ends of the frame and act as a mounting point for the license plate.
  • Pulled the tires off the rims and welded up some holes. The tires are tubeless but we discovered a tube inside one, so that rim got special welding attention. Looks like they were painted blue at one time?
  • Added three angle iron braces across the open front of the trailer. There will eventually be a big window in the front, so we thought it could use some additional steel to stiffen the frame.

Before – new axle standing by, wooden center beam still in place, decorative leaf arrangement

In progress – new floor framing and jack are in, just needs the axle and front frame steel

New coupler with super beefy jack

Starting to clean up the rims

Showing improvement on Sunday afternoon

Next steps:

Yep, looks legit.

An actual professional

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