Zippered Knitting Bag

I really like using zippered pouches to organize my bits and bobs. They’re quick to make and only require a small amount of fabric, so if you have some zippers and a scrap bin, you can bust out several pouches in an afternoon. My smaller pouches are super handy for knitting tools and phone chargers and the like, and it occurred to me that a larger version would be perfect for toting around sweater-sized knitting projects.

Cactus on the front

and cactus on the back

Here’s the finished bag, with my in-progress Lush cardigan inside. It stands about 10.5″ tall, 13.5″ across the top, and 9″ across the boxed bottom, and it holds 3/4 of a cardigan with room to spare. This was a really fast project! It took about an hour, including cutting.

Most of a sweater inside, still roomy

Road trip supplies: Duchess of Devonshire shawl and 650 hexies to prep

Alexander Henry has some great Southwest themed prints. I love this cactus print next to the pink geometric lining.

I didn’t bother to interface it, since this is mostly a “keep it all together” type bag and I’m fine with it being kind of squashy. Now if my replacement circulars would just show up, I can get back to knitting! (After many years of use, my cheap KnitPicks interchangeable cables are giving up the ghost. I have the Addi set on my Christmas list, ahem.)