DIY camper curtain brackets

Like everything else in the RV/trailer/vanlife world, everyone has their own opinion about what works best for window coverings. Tie-dye bandannas held up with pushpins. Custom sewn $500 etsy drapes. Reflectix wedged in the window frame. Hmm.

In Rocinante v1, I sewed up some screens and blackout curtains that were held in place with velcro. They worked well, but the velcro rips up your carpet headliner when they’re moved around, and they were kind of a pain to store when fully taken down. This time I’m going with the popular “curtains on a string” method, using 550 paracord to hang my DIY bug liner and privacy curtains.

Materials for installing the curtain cord brackets

I’m trying to minimize the number of holes I drill through the shell, so I hunted around at the hardware store in search of a cord-holder bracket that could be glued into the headliner. These awesome clamps from the electrical section seemed to fit the bill. They’re low profile, have a nice flat side for gluing, and can hold two separate cords if I want to hang the bug liner and curtains separately.








After deciding where I needed each clip to go, I cut a small hole in the carpet headliner so I could glue the clip directly to the fiberglass. I used this super stinky rubber cement style glue to attach the brackets, then let them cure overnight before installing the paracord.

So stinky, so sticky

Next step, curtain creation. Off to the fabric store!