Tomato Skillet Jam

Tasty Jam, Terrible Picture

We picked a bunch of tomatoes this weekend, so I thought I’d try making some savory-sweet tomato jam. Quick, easy, tasty. Would be great on a toasted sandwich or over cream cheese as a fancy dip.

I adapted this recipe from Food in Jars with these mods, based on what I had in my pantry:

  • Reduced sugar to 1 cup. Could even go to 3/4 cup for sweetness, since we’re planning to use it fresh.
  • Lemon juice from 1 small but juicy lemon, maybe 3 Tbl.
  • 2 tsp dried, ground ginger
  • We’re out of smoked paprika, so it was omitted this time around.
  • Added a few glugs of Worschester

It tasted a LOT more spicy when the jam was cooking, but is just pleasantly kicky when the jam is at room temperature.


About a month and a half ago, I took out a large jar. Into that jar went three chopped plums, the rind of an orange, a cinnamon stick, a cardamom pod and a few peppercorns, some sugar, and enough vodka to cover the the whole mess.

Fruit and spices + high proof vodka. Just add time.

Yesterday I opened that jar, strained out all the fruit, and captured the resultant wine-colored liquid. Today, I turned off my work computer at 5:01 PM and poured myself some homemade Slivovitz & Soda. Weekend ahoy!

Ready for a sip!